Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dreams Becoming Reality

We did it! We got the house!

I was trying to think of some catchy opening sentence but nothing was flowing just right. I had already typed out this blog post earlier today on my break at work but it just wasn't flowing. What's with that? I thought every great writer was supposed to be able to write amazing stuff each and every time. I found my last post uber choppy and it just didn't flow at all. Ah well, I'll try it again now that I'm a little more relaxed at home.

Back to the house stuff. We won the bidding war! It was so exciting to get the call announcing our win. Wow. What an incredible feeling! We went that very same night to sign the Purchase Agreement Contract. We sat in OUR new home and signed the papers. We sat for an hour talking about the home and the things the current owners had updated and some of the funny stories that went along with those repairs. We learned about the neighbors. They all sound quite pleasant.

I would have to say, if I were ever to buy another home, or even sell my home for that matter, I would do it through No, I am not being paid to say that. I had a very positive experience purchasing a home through dealing with this website. The pictures were amazing. Much to be said compared to the MLS photographs I saw of toilets, instead of bathrooms and crumbled, unmade beds instead of bedrooms. Speaking of real estate photographs, I have another blog that comes to mind that you should READ HERE!!! I adore this photography website and could only dream that one day I am able to take such amazing photos and write as well as they do! Such amazing talent that begs to be shared with the world.

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  1. Woo hoo that's great! Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your new home :D